Alicia Lee Long - edited on picmonkey - 25%A warm welcome!

All women should be free and full of joy, life and love – doing what they were born to do – at every moment!

Yet, we have all been there – countless job applications with no return phone calls, or blurting out in anger at our loved ones, or general overwhelm with the everyday life and the to-do’s.

Well, I am here to help with the lot!


Are you Job Searching? I help with writing your Resume & Selection Criteria, and your personal branding out in the world of LinkedIn and Interviews. Click here

Are you working on your next writing project? I provide Proofreading & Editing for blogs and short stories. Click here

Are you stuck on something personal right now, that is keeping you from moving forward in Biz, Career or Life? I provide Coaching for unpacking that mental & emotional block in your road right now, so you can be free to work on your goals. Click here

With my:

  • love of writing & artistic streak
  • analytical mind & studies in psychology
  • warm approach & natural affection for people
  • love for organising and
  • shedding light where confusion has taken over,

I provide Creative, Authentic and Passionate service, and if that is what you’re looking for, click on Contact and I look forward to partnering up with you and assisting you during this exciting (or nerve-racking) transition.

I look forward to hearing from you!

~ Alicia


“Alicia, thanks so much for doing my Resume and Cover Letter, it’s great!
I’m ecstatic about the Selection Criteria as well because I hate this part the most! … I have an interview scheduled for next Tuesday!”
~ Denise from Forest Lake

Denise from Forest Lake